Where Are You From, He Asked – What Should I Answer I Thought?  

Where Are You From, He Asked – What Should I Answer I Thought?  

After I retired, I ended up traveling around the US in a giant luxury motor coach which really resembled something more like a mobile command center. Each time I stopped someone asked me; “where are you from,” and I thought that was odd as for seven years,  เที่ยวไหนดี

I was from nowhere and everywhere, permanently traveling on the road. Most of the time, I would simply state that I grew up on Navy bases all over the world because my dad was in the Navy, but that really pretty much stopped when I turned 8. Okay so let’s talk shall we?

The reason I bring this up now, nearly a decade later is because there was a great TED Video put forth on July 17, 2013 titled; “Where is home?” by Pico Iyer. The gentleman in the video has an Indian accent from India, but he’d only once visited. He wasn’t from there, but that’s what people thought and wanted to hear so he told them usually; “I am from India” but really he was from Toronto Canada. And he spent so much time traveling that he didn’t even feel as if Toronto was his home either.

As he explained all this, I totally understood what he was driving at, since I had driven to all the cities in the US and most of Canada myself, having been asked that question daily, if not more. At one point, I told someone “planet Earth” and they laughed, but I was serious. I wasn’t trying to be rude. In fact, I went on to explain where I was going, which I felt much more important than merely where I was supposedly from.

Interestingly enough, after traveling all those miles and to all those cities, I did make it back to the city I went to high school in. I used to be a runner in high school and college and I pretty much had that city mapped out in my mind better than Google Earth, but when I went back, the city had changed, where there were once open fields, now master planned type communities – condos, shopping centers, parks, etc.


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