DVD Online Rentals  

DVD Online Rentals  

DVD online rentals have become a very popular service offered by many US websites. With the evolution of the Internet, you no longer have to leave the comfort of your home in order to watch a nice movie. All the latest titles are quickly becoming available on DVD and some online rental companies like Blockbuster.com have more than 70,000 films in their catalogue. Most online DVD rental companies work in the following way. As a customer, you register at the given website and add movies   Séries Netflix     to your queue. Usually you receive the movies within one or two business days. During the registration process, you have to provide your exact address so that you can receive the DVDs. DVDs are typically shipped free of charge, and you get a paid envelope in order to return the discs. Once you return the given discs, others will be sent to you. The membership fee is usually per month.

Netflix.com is one of the leading brands in the DVD online rentals business. Other reputable websites are Blockbuster.com, CleanFlicks.com, Canflix.com, CafeDVD.com. Those companies usually offer four different membership plans. First there is the ‘Unlimited’ plan which allows you to rent as many DVDs as you want for a given month, but there is a limit on the number of DVDs you can have at a given moment. ‘Limited’ plans have a limit on the number of DVDs you can rent for one month. If you sign up for a ‘Package’ plan, then you will receive several DVDs packed in one shipment and you also have to return them at once as well. With the ‘Individual Rental’ plans, you can rent movies for a fixed fee and there is no monthly fee, as you pay every DVD rented. Such plans are suitable for people that don’t plan to rent movies on a regular basis.

As mentioned, there are plenty of dvd online rental websites, so choosing the one to sign up with, should depend mainly on the available movie library and plan prices. Netflix.com is a very popular choice, because they combine both – over 45,000 movie titles available and price plans start at $9.99 per month. As a matter of fact, NetFlix was the first company to start a DVD online rental service. That happened in 1999. Intelliflix.com is also a very interesting website as they offer more than 60,000 Movies and Video Game rentals with annual plans starting at half the price of any other dvd rental service.


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