Burns’ Super Bowl Scoring Trends

Since Super Bowl XL is practically here, it’s an ideal opportunity to see some scoring patterns. The ‘all out’ on the current year’s down is as of now holding consistent at 47.

While numerous season finisher games end up being cautious fights, Super Bowl games tend to be moderately high-scoring.

Glancing back at the new games, we track down that every Super Bowl this thousand years has created at least 37 focuses. Those six games arrived at the midpoint of somewhat more than 48 focuses per game. On the off chance that we return 30 years, we track down that each and every game since 1976 has created at least 36 focuses. Those 30 games found the middle value of barely short of 51 focuses each. Of those 30 games, 15 got done with more prominent than 47 focuses and 13 got done with under 47 focuses, The games in 1982 and 1984 landed right on 47.


Counting their two season finisher games, the Seahawks saw the ‘Over’ go 11-7 this season. The ‘Over’ was 3-1 when Seattle was recorded as a longshot and 5-4 when they played a game with a ‘all out’ going from 42 1/2 to 49 focuses.


Counting their three season finisher games, the Steelers saw the ‘Over’ go 10-8-1 this season. เว็บบอลเชื่อถือได้ The ‘Over’ was 9-4 when the Steelers were recorded as a most loved yet only 1-4 when they played a game with a ‘all out’ going from 42 1/2 to 49 focuses.

Straight on history

The Steelers and Seahawks have confronted each other just once this thousand years. That game, at Seattle in November of 2003, brought about a 23-16 triumph for the Seahawks. The joined 39 focuses fell beneath the ‘absolute’ of 44 1/2. The groups confronted each other multiple times all through the 1980s and 1990s. Just the 1983 game got done with in excess of 47 focuses. The 12 games found the middle value of a joined 33 focuses.

Passage Field realities

Clearly, the Detroit Lions will not be taking an interest in Super Bowl XL. In any case, the game will be played at their home of Ford Field. Since opening for ordinary season play, on September 22, 2002, there have been 32 games played there. Sixteen games have completed over the number while 16 games have completed beneath the number, including a 4-4 imprint this previous season. Those 32 games went from a low of 16 focuses to a high of 74 focuses. The normal is simply somewhat under 42 focuses generally speaking.

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