Football in the Digital Age

I read with interest this article on the BBC News Website about Middlesbrough’s England Under-21 safeguard Andrew Taylor who has chosen to wander away from the grass and into new media with a creative new site which means to help his kindred experts discover dependable administrations.

There is a running joke that proficient footballers are brainless individuals, paid abundantly to kick a ball around, however Taylor has shown he has a business mind and an eye for new media specialties.

The site he has arrangement, out of his own wages – Platinum Players – means to stop proficient footballers being ripped off each time they choose to sprinkle out on extravagance vehicles, inns and jewelery.

Despite the fact that there’s very little to see on the site’s landing page, the arrangement is to get his friends to sign in safely to the site and afterward peruse around for administrations.

Taylor will produce his money through ad, and that is the place where he could be in line for a major bonus. Which large brand wouldn’t need guide admittance to an expert footballer and his huge number of pounds in week after week compensation? Taylor could charge a premium for whatever might be most ideal and greatest brands who, appropriately, ought to be falling over themselves to join. ยูฟ่าเบทเว็บแทงบอล

How about we see which footballers Mercedes-Benz or Ferrari could be a focusing on the site:

Robinho, Manchester City, week by week wage assessed at £160,000 each week

Blunt Lampard, Chelsea, week after week wage assessed at £140,000 each week

Steven Gerrard, Liverpool, week by week wage assessed at £120,000 each week

Furthermore, that is only a couple of the huge workers. Indeed, even experts in the lower classes of English football will be paid around £1,000 each week, so the site is an intriguing idea. It shows that footballers are sharp clients of the web (is there any good reason why they wouldn’t with such a lot of extra time to burn?) and, maybe, we need to give them more credit than simply being drones who kick a ball around a field.

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