Does the Freeze Play Work Against Older Teams and Great Competition in Youth Football?

Something the shocked me a considerable amount was the achievement of the hard count or “freeze play” at both the Pop Warner and AYF National competitions. The “no play” has been a staple of our offense for the last 15 seasons. We are a no group and we generally utilize a similar snap count and rhythm each play, however when we see the rival beginning to expect the snap count we won’t run a play, simply get down on the rhythm, let them bounce and gather our free 5 yards. It is a significant strategy to keep protections behind them. This is consistently one of the absolute first “football plays” we instruct in our offense.

Many have advised me, that this strategy just works at the more youthful age levels and against inadequately instructed youth football crews. Be that as it may, strangely, this strategy was a HUGE achievement in the two competitions. My mate Jeff Miret at Pt St Lucie in the Midget Division (most established age bunch) of Pop Warner, utilized this play effectively SIX TIMES against the Oak Park Trojans from Michigan. A few times those free 5 yards came at basic places of drives that prompted scores. At AYF the Glencoe Trevians Pee Wee group are trained by previous NFL incredible Fred Taylor. They run our framework and in their game against the Yonkers Gladiators, Fred’s group utilized the no play effectively multiple times, keeping one key drive alive that finished in a score. During one drive Fred ran the “no play” effectively on fourth and 1, he glanced back at me, we traded grins and gestures. ยูฟ่าเบทแจกเครดิตฟรี

Try not to believe that your “no play” will not neutralize quality or more established rivalry, it appears to turn out only great in the two conditions.

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