Art Monk – Hall of Fame Wide Receiver of the Washington Redskins

Washington Redskins Hall Of Fame Wide Receiver Art Monk

Workmanship Monk is one reason why the Redskins Memorabilia shop is the thing that it is – Great memorabilia including the bona fide signature of one of the best Hall of Famers in football and quite possibly the most capable Washington Redskin players to at any point beauty the field.

A cycle one draft pick in 1980, Monk played for the Washington Redskins from 1980 to 1993 preceding continuing on to the New York Jets in 1994 and afterward the Philadelphia Eagles in 1995, which was the year that he resigned from football.


At the point when Monk was selected by the Washington Redskins, he was a remarkable pick since he set the youngster standard of 58 gatherings. In 1984, he did a lifelong best of 106 gatherings. The record can continue endlessly with averaging 100 yards or more in five games and getting at least eight passes in six games. He even created 1,000 yards or more in three successive seasons, which made him the principal collector on the Redskins to at any point do as such. He likewise got more than 70 passes in three successive seasons, which was another Redskins record to be broken.


Priest was a piece of three winning seasons where the Redskins won the Super Bowl. In his fourteen years with the Redskins, there were just three losing seasons. คาสิโน ดียังไง

In 1984 and 1985, Monk was named an All-NFC decision and in 1986 he was a second-group All-NFC. He additionally had the chance to play in the star bowl somewhere in the range of 1984 and 1986.

All things considered, Monk completed his vocation with 940 gatherings, 332 hurrying yards, and 68 scores. He was the principal player in the NFL to have more than 100 gatherings in a solitary season and more than 900 gatherings.

Corridor of Fame

It was on August 2, 2008 that Monk was enlisted into the Football Hall of Fame with individual colleague Darrell Green. During this enlistment, he got an overwhelming applause that kept going more than four minutes. This is the longest overwhelming applause for a player to get in Pro Football Hall of Fame history.

After Football

After Monk’s retirement in 1995, he is the fellow benefactor of Alliant Merchant Services, which is an organization that represents considerable authority in electronic installments and is situated in Virginia.

Priest is additionally credited with establishing the Good Samaritan Foundation alongside a few of his Washington Redskin partners. This is a program that has been intended to assist the adolescent with acquiring abilities that will help them over the span of their lives. He has additionally been chosen for the Syracuse Board of Trustees,

Notwithstanding his incredible post-football achievements, he additionally began the Monk Football Camp that has helped a huge number of competitors become better at their exchange. Priest has additionally signed various things and these things are made accessible to the general population.

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