The Retired Jersey Numbers Of The Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals have just been playing in the American Southwest since they moved there from the Midwest in 1988. The establishment has a unimaginably long history however that traces all the way back to over 20 years before the establishing of the National Football League. Since their commencement, they have had various incredible players wear the Cardinals shirt. Who however has separate themselves from the rest such a lot of that they wound up having their shirt number resigned?

Since joining the NFL, there have been three primary periods for the Cardinals, all connoted by where the group was found. From 1920 to 1959, the group played as the Chicago Cardinals. From 1960 to 1987, they were the St. Louis Cardinals. From 1988 to introduce day, they have played as both the Phoenix Cardinals and the Arizona Cardinals. The establishment has resigned the quantities of five unique players, including no less than one player from every one of their times.

Chicago Cardinals

77 – Stan Mauldin

99 – Marshall Goldberg

St. Louis Cardinals

8 – Larry Wilson

88 – J.V. Cain

Arizona Cardinals

40 – Pat Tillman อเมริกาเหนือน่าเที่ยว

The Cardinals have had an all over history, with a great deal of lows and a few highs as well. All through that time, the five players recorded above have stood apart for some explanation as deserving of respecting by resigning their pullover number.

Other incredible Cardinals players in group history include: Roy Green, Ernie Nevers, Ollie Matson, Charley Trippi, Dick “Night Train” Lane, Dan Dierdorf, Jackie Smith, Larry Wilson, Roger Wehrli, Aeneas Williams, Anquan Boldin, Edgerrin James, Vai Sikahema, Kurt Warner, Jim Hart, Ottis Anderson, Freddie Joe Nunn, John David Crow, Neil Lomax, and Larry Fitzgerald.

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