The Ravens Win The Super Bowl

The Ravens have been down since their magnificence year in 2000. They have since gone 10-6, 7-9, 10-6, and 9-7. This year will be better with every one of the changes, and could return them to the Super Bowl. Boller will exploit every one of the progressions and Coach Fassell will open up the offense. Strong expectation, if Boller falls, Wright could step in and have enormous numbers and move this group towards the Super Bowl.

Jamal Lewis will actually want to play football this year and not stress over the off the field issues that has tormented him. The expansion of Mason and Clayton will help the passing game however I figure Hymes will play a greater part than many individuals might suspect. He is large and ought to turn into the distinction creator that this group needs. Gracious, incidentally, the Ravens have the best TE in the association in Todd Heap. เว็บพนันบอล Online

Some say the guard is going downhill and somewhat they are correct however this is as yet the top and most dreaded safeguard in the association. Search for Polley to have a beast year and Suggs to work off of his extraordinary tenderfoot year. With Ray Lewis in the center there is no excuse to be stressing out with regards to this guard.

Baltimore ought to be 5-1 or 4-2 preceding the main confrontation with the Steelers on Halloween. On the off chance that Baltimore can beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh, they will have within track to win the division. Regardless of whether they lose this game they will actually want to bob back and have no less than 3 additional successes before they go to Denver on December eleventh. They get done with Green Bay and Minnesota (Super Bowl Preview) at home before they end the season at Cleveland.

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