Why Camp Nou?

Avid supporter or not one of the primary most visited places in Barcelona is Camp Nou. Camp Nou is the biggest football arena in Europe, the eleventh biggest on the planet as far as limit, and is the home to the Futball Club Barcelona. The arena was worked in 1954 and was at long last opened in 1957 and housed 60,000 seats. Over time extra seats have been added and it can now situates 96,336 individuals. The arena holds a vital history where it has facilitated two UEFA Championship League finals just as the 1992 Summer Olympics.

Camp Nou is the home field to two vital soccer groups. FC Barcelona and the Catalan National group both use this arena as their home field. Both of these football crews are amazingly huge in Spain, particularly in Catalonia. Catalans are extremely pleased with their Catalan history and this pride sends into their commitment towards their football crews. Strolling around Barcelona you can generally see somebody wearing a FC Barcelona pullover, utilizing a FC Barcelona cup, cap or even a pen. FC Barcelona is all over the place and that addresses their dedication towards their group.

Camp Nou’s significance in Barcelona has been exceptionally solid since its opening in 1957. There is a particularly rich history with the measure of games played in the arena, matches both dominated and lost. Camp Nou has been one of Barcelona’s most valued belongings for quite a long time and simply visiting the arena you can perceive any reason why. There is a whole historical center exclusively about the arena and groups history. Altogether 1.2 million individuals visit the exhibition hall each year, making it one of the most visited galleries in Barcelona. With memorabilia, pullovers, prizes and more this gallery holds everything FC Barcelona and Catalan National. It is a gallery that any avid supporter can not miss. เว็บพนันระดับโลก

Getting to the arena can be precarious, it is somewhat far removed from different areas in Barcelona. Also there is such a lot of data it is consistently useful to have somebody inform you regarding the rich history before you enter the historical center. There are bicycle visits in Barcelona that permit you to visit the gallery, become familiar with the set of experiences and pass my other city features en route. You can wander into the gallery, see the field and hear the set of experiences from a neighborhood who’s pride for FC Barcelona is solid. What better approach to find out with regards to Camp Nou then from somebody who has followed the arena for quite a long time? Camp Nou, a valued belonging according to Catalans, is an unquestionable requirement when visiting Barcelona.

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