Central American Soccer – 50 Years of History!

Groups and Players!

Mexico City 1954

Did you know-The Salvadoran crew took the gold award in the Central American and Caribbean Games in Mexico City. It was during the Caribbean Games in 1954, when El Salvador accomplished the vibe of beating the host country in the gold-award game.

Mexico 1968

Did you know regardless of the incredulity of sportswriters, Guatemala (one of the most un-created countries in the Western Hemisphere) beat Czechoslovakia (which was sprinter up in the 1964 Olympic Games in Japan) 1-0 at the nineteenth Olympiad in the United Mexican States. On that event, the Guatemalan group won the 6th spot, in front of Spain and Brazil, in the Men’s Olympic Games Soccer Tournament in October 1968.

Montreal 1976

Did you know-By July 1976, the men’s soccer group of Guatemala qualified as one of the 13 groups in the Olympic Football Tournament in Montreal, Canada. Already, they had taken part – as the territorial agent at the 1972 Munich Olympic Games. GTRBET

Puerto Rico 1979

Did you know-By 1979, the Costa Rican crew came in fourth spot in men’s football in the Pan American Games in San Juan de Puerto Rico. In the following year, the public group contended in the Games of the XXII Olympiad in the Soviet Union. Four years prior, they additionally completed fourth in the Continental Games, behind Mexico (have country), Brazil, and Argentina. In 1951, CR had won a Pan American silver award (behind just Argentina).

Seoul 1988

Did you know-By September 1988, the men’s soccer crew of Guatemala was the 6th Central American group straight to contend in the Summer Olympic Games (Seoul, South Korea).

U.S.A 1998

Did you know-During the 1998 Gold Cup, Guatemala attached with Brazil – title holders 0-0.

Colombia 2001

Did you know-During the 2001 America Cup in Manizales (Colombia), the men’s soccer group of Honduras left a mark on the world when they, under mentor Ramón Maradiaga’s tutelage, crushed Brazil 2-0. The Central American players were Noel Valladares, Samuel Caballero, Nimrod Medina, David Cárcamo, Ricky Garcia, Limbert Pérez, Robel Bernández, Julio León, Amado Guevara, Danilo Turcios, and Saúl Martinez. Two years prior, Honduras was sprinter up at the Pan American Games in Canada. In the gold-decoration game, Honduras lost 3-1 to Mexico.

Greece 2004

Did you know-After quite a long while of difficult work and arrangement, the men’s football crew of Costa Rica was one of eight semi-finalists in the Games of the XXVIII Olympiad in Athens (Greece), alongside Argentina (gold), Paraguay (silver), Italy (bronze), Iraq, Mali, Korea, and Australia. In the Athens 2004 Olympic Football Tournament 16 men’s groups contended. Unquestionably, CR has won worldwide prestige as perhaps the best group in Latin America.

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